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Rainbow Glass


The brilliance of glass created using traditional techniques
Hizen Bidoro, glassware made using traditional techniques with a 160 year history in Saga, Japan. “Hizen” was the old name of Saga, and “Bidoro” means “glassware.”
Each piece is carefully crafted by an artisan, resulting in a sophisticated form and luster.

The beauty of its colors changes depending on how the light hits
Without using a mold, the handmade glassware's shape is naturally pleasing and graceful. With its characteristic smooth gloss, the glass exudes a unique texture that has long been admired and treasured. 
Enjoy relaxing moments with a drink poured in a favorite glass.

- Size:⌀6.5 x 7cm
- Capacity:390ml
- Made in Japan

Tradition, culture and skilled craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation since the Edo period.

Without being cast in a mold, the glass is made using a traditional technique called “chubuki” in which glass is wound on a rod and then formed only by blowing.

Upholding Japanese traditions and culture that have been handed down from generation to generation, and constantly trying new techniques.