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2 pair Chopsticks Set | Checkerboard pattern


Meticulously made by craftsmen, these chopsticks feel more comfortable in the hand with use over time. With their modern design, they perfectly complement dishes of both Japanese and Western cuisines.
In Japan, this design is known as a “checkerboard pattern,” an auspicious motif that connotes eternity, development, expansion, and prosperity. The chopsticks come in a high-quality paulownia box with a soft, luxurious feel, making them the perfect gift for someone special. 

- Chopsticks: 22.5cm
- Chopstick rests: 3.5 x 2.2cm

- Chopsticks: Natural wood, Polyesterurethane
- Chopstick rest: Porcelain

Made in Japan

*Dishwasher safe(Chopsticks only)

Wakasa lacquered chopsticks are a type of lacquerware called “wakasa nuri.” Wakasa nuri is a traditional craft of Obama City, Fukui Prefecture. It accounts for more than 80% of Japan's domestic production of lacquered chopsticks.
Designated as a “land of divine offerings,” Wakasa Obama has supported the capital's food culture by sending salt and marine products to the capital since ancient times. In the olden days, Wakasa Obama was also the largest hub between the sea road leading from the mainland and the land road leading to the capital. 
This bustling townscape of the past, the area's abundant nature, and rich culture including food and rituals that have been handed down from generation to generation still exist today.