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Makeup brush set (Cheek & Lip brush with Traditional Pouch)


A makeup set that consists of makeup bags made of the edge of traditional Japanese tatami mats and sophisticated makeup brushes based on a red color scheme. This is a product that brings together “the edge” between you and those who are significant to you. The edge of a tatami mat is a piece of cloth material used for both decoration and reinforcement and is available today in a wide range of designs. They are popular not only in tatami mats but also for use in accessories. These handmade makeup bags made with the edge of tatami mats for appeal that is both nostalgic and new come in sets that include a cheek brush and a lip brush. High-quality Sokoho goat hair is used for the cheek brush to provide an excellent touch and feel. The kolinsky lip brush has a springy resilience that works well for the application of lip colors. The set comes in a Kiri (Paulownia wood) box and is a wonderful gift item.

- Cheek Brush (Material: High-quality Sokoho Goat, Total length:130 mm)
- Lip Brush (Material: Kolinsky, Total length:115 mm)
- Bag (one of the four types)
- Made in Japan

A makeup brush created with respect for tradition filled with the techniques of the masters

Made with an abundance of traditional techniques, these makeup brushes have a thin, soft tip that offer the best touch for a smooth, naturally lustrous finish. Kumano brushes are chosen by many celebrities and makeup artists for their high standards of quality.