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Coffee Cup & Saucer | Bizen ware


Japan's symbolic Bizen ware pottery, popular both at home and abroad. 
The reasons for its unfaltering popularity is its wabi-sabi type of simplicity and the underlying Japanese sense of coexisting with nature.

Firing in the kiln is left to the flow of the flames, and no two items are the same, generating an appeal that cannot be found in other Japanese works.
Each piece is carefully crafted by a craftsman, resulting in a sophisticated form and luster. The beauty of these Coffee Cup & Saucer embody the kind of effortless design that's universally loved, and would make a perfect gift for someone special.

Bizen ware is made from high quality clay, which is formed one by one, dried and then fired without glaze.

- Cup: ⌀85mm x 60mm
- Saucer: ⌀140mm x 15mm
- Capacity: 200ml

 Made in Japan

Bizen Yaki uses soil that has been created by nature over many years and natural firewood as fuel for firing.

Using unchanged methods for almost 800 years, Bizen Yaki may be described as organic pottery that is unique to Japan with its coexistence with nature.