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Wood Coaster (Indigo Japan Blue)/4pcs Set


Experience the real Japanese style!
It is made by original methods to develop its "indigo" as a semi-paste like paste, which can be applied and sprayed as a pigment rather than as a dye. This is because it is a natural material, it is the feature that it will be the finish that makes use of the flavor of the wood grain, and it can be expanded widely as building and interior materials, other small goods.

- Material: Japanese Cedar, Indigo dyed
- Size: 90mm×90mm×5mm
- Made in Japan

In Japan, Tokushima is a major producer of indigo plants with more than 
700 years of history.

By developing a unique, never-before-seen substance from a traditionally-made rattan and treating it as a pigment, rather than a dye, we have established a technology that can be used as a paint or spray.

Focus on regional resources

We focus on regional resources indigo dyed wood products, quality from start to finish during production. This is what will lead to sustainable society