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Natural Wood and Ceramic Glass


This is a built-to-order product by craftsman, so it takes about 2 month from order to delivery.
With its gorgeous form and unique design, this glass embodies traditional Japanese techniques and innovation. The lower half is made of lacquer ware, while the upper half and its interior are made of ceramics.
This combination of lacquer ware and ceramics has resulted in a product that has never been seen before. The more you use it, the more beautifully polished it becomes, creating a distinctive piece that's all yours.
By marrying the skills and techniques of potters and lacquerware craftsmen, we were able to make a completely new, one-of-a-kind glass.
No two glasses are exactly the same, as each piece is carefully handmade using natural materials.
We want people to use good things for a very long time. We also make our products with the hope that they add value and delight in people's daily lives. Discover the joy of having something exquisite that makes the everyday special – this glass will make the perfect treat for you or a loved one.

- Size: Φ85mm × 135mm
- Capacity: 300ml
- Material: Wood, Ceramic
- Made in Japan

Skilled craftsmanship, nurtured over time. A new type of pottery created with the pioneering spirit to break new ground.

The will to continue to take on challenges, never fearing change. Craftsmanship allows no compromise.