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Sakura Reversible Scarf


Light and elegantly cozy
Thin, soft, and lustrous, this scarf is woven using mosquito net fabric, a traditional product of historic Nara. Comfortable yet elegant, you'll love its stylish, soft feel.
With a vivid cherry blossom pink which symbolizes Japanese beauty on one side and a pale pink on the other, enjoy pairing it with both casual and dressy outfits. A practical accessory, it exudes a sophisticated ease, especially when wrapped around the neck in a casual, relaxed fashion.
And because it's suitable for friends and family of a wide range of ages, this high-quality scarf will make a great gift! Unlike giving clothing as a gift, you don't have to worry about guessing the recipient's measurements because anyone will enjoy wearing this roomy, gorgeous scarf.

- Size:200 cm x 37 cm
- Material:Cotton 100%
- Made in Japan

Making the most out of Japanese traditions and culture in the present

Products created without compromise, through the skills of expert craftsmen.
Each thread retains its unique character, resulting in expressive textures.
Sustainable production with an emphasis on natural materials.
The gentleness of natural materials exudes a graceful, elegant feel.

Nara, an ancient city with a 1,300-year history

Surrounded by world heritage sites where one can experience the beginnings of Japan, Nara is a traditional city where architecture and Buddhist statues deemed as national treasures and important cultural properties remain to this day.