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Hizen Bidoro: the brilliance of glass created using traditional techniques

Posted by HiroseAkira on
Hizen Bidoro: the brilliance of glass created using traditional techniques

Hizen Bidoro, glassware made using traditional techniques with a 160 year history in Saga, Japan. “Hizen” was the old name of Saga, and “Bidoro” means “glassware”.

Saga, Japan

Saga castle

Tradition, culture and skilled craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation since the Edo period. The skill and passion of a craftsman is in everything he does.

Rainbowglass 1

Rainbow glass 2

Without being cast in a mold, the glass is made using a traditional technique called “chubuki” in which glass is wound on a rod and then formed only by blowing. The craftsman's skill is a very important factor in determining the quality of the product because it is made without using a mold, only relying on the craftsman's refined sensibilities and expertise.

rainbow glass 3

Without using a mold, the handmade glassware's shape is naturally pleasing and graceful. With its characteristic smooth gloss, the glass exudes a unique texture that has long been admired and treasured.

The beauty of its colors changes depending on how the light hits.
Upholding Japanese traditions and culture that have been handed down from generation to generation, and constantly trying new techniques.
We will continue to create new products that suit the modern age using time-tested techniques.

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