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Our Story

Introducing the yet unknown treasures in Japan to the world.

The workmanship of masters, nurtured through the culture and traditions of Japan, has been passed down for hundreds of years, and fine works created with the passion of craftsmen and the traditional skills of the masters continue to remain unknown at locations throughout the country.

Japanese craftsmanship has been attracting people throughout the world, and it offers a wealth of potential for enriching our daily lives. Yet a lot of these gems remain unknown, not only to the outside world but within Japan as well.

We seek to go beyond the barriers of culture and have people throughout the world discover and experience the true values and the potential of genuine work created by Japanese masters.

To do that, we are setting up a venue to connect Japan and the world, to get many people in the global community involved in the coming years, decades, and centuries as we deliver surprise, elation, and happiness while boosting the value of traditional Japanese culture and master craftsmanship and promoting their further advancement. For that purpose, we have launched Master Craftsmanship, a venue to make such encounters happen.

But there are limits to what we can do on our own. The more people who become involved, the greater the scope of potential will be. We are looking at spending years and decades to bring Japan and the global community together and to get many people in the world involved so we may continue to expand new possibilities.