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True Japanese Denim. From Kojima, Okayama.

Posted by Akira.Hirose on
True Japanese Denim. From Kojima, Okayama.

"Kojima, Okayama, home of the Japanese denim.
Today, denim fans from throughout the world come to this sacred home of Japanese denim seeking quality products full of originality."

kojima okayama

Jeans street

 Jeans Street in Kojima, Okayama a mecca for premium Japanese denim.

Jeans street

Culture, tradition, and craftsmanship, handed down in Kojima.
Solid sewing quality.
Sophisticated processing techniques.
Creative design.
Silhouettes that are totally calculated.
Proud of the skills and craftsmanship, a tradition and culture of Japan continues to thrive.

Japanese denim

Japanese denim

The skilled craftsmen continue to pursue new technologies.
With a discerning and uncompromising eye for products,
expert skills and passion go into every part of the craftsman's work.
Integrating all of their skills and passion, these craftsmen continue to create new products.
True Japanese Denim. From Kojima, Okayama, to the world.

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