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Aizome (Indigo) Wood Plate 150x150mm - 2pcs Set


Known all over the world as “Japan Blue,” the deep and vivid blue hue of indigo dye is a color that best represents Japan. Replete with mountains, rivers, and seas, the vast natural surroundings of Tokushima Prefecture are reflected in its cuisine, culture and scenery. 
A mecca of indigo-dye-making, this rich land is the perfect backdrop to this tradition that has been passed down since ancient times.

- Size: 150mm×150mm×5mm
- Made in Japan

Personalized option: Name engraving

An original gift item that can’t be found anywhere else in the world

Preserving tradition and culture, the skill and resolve of these craftsmen produce the highest quality indigo dye in the world

Focus on regional resources

We focus on regional resources indigo dyed wood products, quality from start to finish during production. This is what will lead to sustainable society

Indigo dyed products produced in the mecca of indigo dyeing