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Patchwork & Distressed Kimono Denim Jacket


With attention to detail, this denim jacket showcases patchwork, color fading and distressing carefully applied all throughout. Through repeated experimentation and various other processes, the makers of this jacket have achieved the rich look and feel of vintage denim. 
Made of 8 ounce, thin denim fabric, this jacket is light, easy to move in, and very comfortable to wear. Pair it with a simple T-shirt, or wear it over a hoodie. Versatile and practical, this denim jacket is a useful item to have in your closet.

- Pockets on both sides and inner
- Material: Cotton
- Unisex
- Made in Japan

As a standard height
- Small Size: 155-165cm (5'2"-5'4")
- Large Size: 165-178cm (5'4"-5'10")
- Extra Large Size: 178-192cm (5'10"-6'3")

Details (inch)
- Small: (Body length:29.9, Shoulder width:18.8, Body width:21.6, Sleeve length:14.5)
- Large: (Body length:31.4, Shoulder width:20.4, Body width:23.2, Sleeve length:15.7)
- Extra Large: (Body length:33, Shoulder width:22.4, Body width:24.8, Sleeve length:17.3)

Details (cm)
- Small: (Body length:76, Shoulder width:48, Body width:55, Sleeve length:37)
- Large: (Body length:80, Shoulder width:52, Body width:59, Sleeve length:40)
- Extra Large: (Body length:84, Shoulder width:57, Body width:63, Sleeve length:44)

Proud of the skills and craftsmanship, a tradition and culture of Japan continues to thrive

With a discerning and uncompromising eye for products, expert skills and passion go into every part of the craftsman's work.

Less is more

We commit ourselves to be environmentally
friendly by reducing the amount of water &
chemicals used. Aspiring "DENIM" we make to be coexistent with nature.