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Kimono Denim Jacket - Washi version


Experience the real Japanese style!
Original denim jacket with the taste of kimono, yukata and haori.
Cool in summer and warm in winter, this denim jacket is made using technology made possible in Japan. It is light and comfortable enough to wear throughout the year.
Washi (Japanese paper) threads woven into the denim fabric confer lightness and strength, with excellent temperature control. The material dries easily, resists dampness, and feels cool to the skin. The jacket features a light comfort as well as natural deodorizing and antibacterial properties, perfectly suited to seasons both hot and cold.
Washi denim is a material that incorporates traditional indigo-dyed cotton and washi fibers to create denim from an evolution of traditional Japanese techniques. The long fibers of washi create a material that is thin yet robust and durable. Washi is used in the restoration of cultural properties, while maintaining a soft and supple feel. The many voids among its fibers capture air and offer excellent sweat and moisture absorption as well as quick drying, with a unique elasticity and resilience plus a lightweight feel. In the hand, the denim's heavy look meets an unexpected lightness that offers comfortable wearing throughout the year.
Try out new stylings with a jacket that combines an old-fashioned feel, woven in Japan's denim production center of Okayama, with the novelty of a new material.

- Hidden pockets on both sides
- Color: Indigo
- Material: Cotton 65%, Washi(Japanese paper) 35%
- Unisex
- Japanese Denim
- Made in Japan

As a standard height
- Small Size: 155-165cm (5'2"-5'4")
- Large Size: 165-178cm (5'4"-5'10")
- Extra Large Size: 178-192cm (5'10"-6'3")

Details (inch)
- Small: (Body length:31.1, Shoulder width:19.2, Body width:22, Sleeve length:14.5)
- Large: (Body length:32.2, Shoulder width:21.4, Body width:24.8, Sleeve length:15.7)
- Extra Large: (Body length:33.8, Shoulder width:24, Body width:27.1, Sleeve length:17.3)

- Small: (body length:79, shoulder width:49, body width:56, sleeve length:37)
- Large: (body length:82, shoulder width:54.5, body width:63, sleeve length:40)
- Extra Large:(body length:86, shoulder width:61, body width:69, sleeve length:44)

Proud of the skills and craftsmanship, a tradition and culture of Japan continues to thrive

With a discerning and uncompromising eye for products, expert skills and passion go into every part of the craftsman's work.

Less is more

We commit ourselves to be environmentally
friendly by reducing the amount of water &
chemicals used. Aspiring "DENIM" we make to be coexistent with nature.