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Wood Hinoki Pair Cups (Indigo Japan Blue)


Experience the real Japanese style!
This product is made of "100-year-old HINOKI" Wood, one of the most precious species in Japan.
When beer is poured in, the fine and moderate bubbles bring out the mellowness and enhance the taste of the beer. As for the sake, you can enjoy the refreshing aroma of the Japanese cypress(HINOKI) and feel the luxury of drinking it. You can enjoy the atmosphere while sipping shochu and wine with a sense of luxury.
It is a natural product made with passion by our craftsmen and will be used for a long time. Please enjoy this one and only product which all handcrafted in Japan.
It comes in a stylish box, making it the perfect gift.

- Material:Japanese cypress, Indigo dyed
- Size:φ60mm× 100mm
- Made in Japan

In Japan, Tokushima is a major producer of indigo plants with more than 
700 years of history.

By developing a unique, never-before-seen substance from a traditionally-made rattan and treating it as a pigment, rather than a dye, we have established a technology that can be used as a paint or spray.

Focus on regional resources

We focus on regional resources indigo dyed wood products, quality from start to finish during production. This is what will lead to sustainable society