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Haori Jacket Edomoji | Noragi | Indigo


The design of this jacket features the kanji character for "wabi" in the front and the kanji character for  "sabi" in the back. Both are in edomoji, a Japanese lettering style with a long history.
Dyed using traditional Japanese dyeing techniques, this jacket has a nuanced color known as "Japan blue." 
Meticulously made by skilled artisans who weave history and tradition, highlight your uniqueness with this gem of a piece that embodies the Japanese aesthetics of zen and wabi-sabi.

- Color: Indigo
- Material: 100% cotton
- Pockets on both sides
- Unisex
- Made in Japan Factory: Aizawa (Saitama Prefecture)

As a standard height
- Large Size: 165-178cm (5'5"-5'10")
- Extra Large Size: 178-192cm (5'10"-6'3")

Details (cm)
- Large: (Body length: 80, Shoulder width: 65, Sleeve length: 51)
- Extra Large :(Body length: 82, Shoulder width: 68, Sleeve length: 54)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Juan Prieto
I love it!

Great fit and it looks amazing!


Great quality and very authentic Japanese Jacket

One of a kind

Very impressive piece, it’s a striking blue, and was clearly made with great care. It works well as a light coat, something to use in place of a denim jacket. I anticipate a time many years from now when I can look on this coat and appreciate the wabi sabi that age has bestowed on it.


The first step in creating the design is making a paper pattern.
Generally, we do the pattern stenciling by hand.
Once the paper pattern is made, it can be used repeatedly.
The dyeing technique using the pattern is called katazome ("kata" meaning pattern and "zome" meaning "dyeing").

Aizome (Indigo dyeing)

In aizome, or indigo dyeing, fabric is placed in a large jar that is specifically used to store indigo. But before this process, milk squeezed from soybeans is spread on the fabric (a step called kureire) to make the dyeing process easier, which is all carefully done by hand.