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Distressed Denim Scarf


This knitted scarf has a soft and cozy feel, and the eye-catching look of distressed denim. Because the distressing is done by hand, each piece is unique, resulting in a stylish design that will accentuate any outfit. Comfortable enough to wear regardless of the season, this scarf is sure to be a staple in your wardrobe.

- Size: Width: 34cm, Length: 242cm
- Material: Cotton
- Made in Japan
Factory: Whoval (Okayama Prefecture)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dino Bortoli
Lost & Found

I purchased one of these a few years back and during one of my Travels it was lost … Recently it came across my Social Media feed and I jumped at the chance to purchase another. I just love the whole vibe and quality

Meta Carpenter
Denim scarf

Beautiful material and color. It's well crafted and longer than expected. Would recommend to friends.


Very nice fabric and very long. I would recommend to a friend .

Irv Wright
Denim distressed scarf

Excellent quality, much nicer than expected and much longer than anticipated. Looking forward to wearing soon!!

Amiri Nichols
Master Craftsmanship

I received exactly what I expected and it is in fact made by a Master Craftsman/Craftsmen.

I haven’t worn it just yet but I def checked the quality and it looks amazing.

I look forward to wearing it.
Excellent quality.
Soft and luxurious.

Proud of the skills and craftsmanship, a tradition and culture of Japan continues to thrive

With a discerning and uncompromising eye for products, expert skills and passion go into every part of the craftsman's work

Less is more

We commit ourselves to be environmentally
friendly by reducing the amount of water &
chemicals used. Aspiring "DENIM" we make to be coexistent with nature

True Japanese Denim