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Hammered Finish Gyuto Japanese Knife: 180 mm


This knife features a unique, hammered finish. The pattern produced by hammering helps in making ingredients stick less to the blade. With its elegant, glittering, hammered finish, this knife feels much more than a tool – it looks like a fine work of art.
Composed of ultra-high-end cutlery steel, the blade of a kitchen knife meets the four major conditions required of it, namely, a high level of hardness, a high level of toughness, resistance to wear, and resistance to corrosion. Because its sharpness lasts a very long time, this kind of kitchen knife does not require frequent sharpening, proving to be an indispensable tool beloved by famous chefs all over.

- Blade length: 180 mm
- Total Length: 195 mm
- Blade: Double Bevel
- Material: SG2
- Made in Japan

Since the days of Samurai

During the early Edo Period, the city of Hirosaki was a castle town. There were over one hundred forging shops in the area. Nigara Forging is one such historical Tsugaru blacksmith shops maintaining its history and art. The Nigara Forging has kept the traditional forging techniques alive and has remained committed to high-quality blade forging for centuries. The folding and hammering of soft iron and steel produces a distinctive beauty in each knife we make.

Through the creativity, proficient skill and talent of its craftsmen, Nigara Knives continues to forge captivating kitchen knives. Chefs from Japan and other countries visit its smithy to see its products which are highly regarded around the world. Its popular knives are beloved by high-end restaurant chefs in Japan and abroad, as well as famous cooks, researchers and other celebrities.

Nigara: Japanese Knife

For more than 350 years since being ordered by the Tsugaru Clan to create swords during the early Edo Period, we have continued to carry on traditional techniques as a renowned swordsmith. We have received numerous awards to date and have been given the honor of producing swords to dedicate to Ise Shrine and Meiji Shrine. Now in our eighth generation of business, we would like to use all the techniques that we’ve nurtured over the years to create the best kitchen knives for everyday use and collaborate with you to open up new worlds.