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Damascus Petit Japanese Knife


There are great advantages to using a smaller petit knife when working on on fine details or if your kitchen isn’t too spacious. With its sharp tip, the petit knife is perfect for peeling fruits and vegetables or for making decorative incisions. It’s smaller and lighter than the Butcher knife and recommended for people who have a hard time using heavy knives or those who have small hands. A ripple pattern is produced with 25 layers of steel hammered over and over for razor sharpness, strength, and durability against rust. No two items have the same pattern as these petit knives are made by hand, offering a mysterious, one-of-a-kind ripple pattern with a design and quality that is sure to captivate you.

- Blade length: 135 mm
- Total Length: 150 mm
- Blade: Double Bevel
- Material: SG2
- Made in Japan

Uses high-quality material

Along with a secret forging agent, steel is placed on ground iron and heated in a furnace at 1200 degrees Celsius.

The sharp cuts made with knife are sure to impress

Running water is used to cool the body to prevent frictional heat from causing the blade to soften as the tip is polished until sharp.

Since the days of Samurai.

During the early Edo Period, the city of Hirosaki was a castle town. There were over one hundred forging shops in the area. Nigara Forging is one such historical Tsugaru blacksmith shops maintaining its history and art. The Nigara Forging has kept the traditional forging techniques alive and has remained committed to high-quality blade forging for centuries. The folding and hammering of soft iron and steel produces a distinctive beauty in each knife we make.

Through the creativity, proficient skill and talent of its craftsmen, Nigara Knives continues to forge captivating kitchen knives. Chefs from Japan and other countries visit its smithy to see its products which are highly regarded around the world. Its popular knives are beloved by high-end restaurant chefs in Japan and abroad, as well as famous cooks, researchers and other celebrities.