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Double wall tumbler


Its double wall insulation construction results in superior temperature retention.
1. Perfect for keeping drinks hot or cold

The double wall insulation construction of this stainless steel tumbler keeps drinks at their proper temperature. Ice does not melt easily in this tumbler, so cold drinks can be kept cold for much longer. Hot drinks also remain hot due its double wall structure where the  insulation layer inside the tumbler prevents heat from dissipating.

2. Prevents condensation on the outer wall
Over time, ice in an ordinary glass causes condensation on the glass which then wets the table. But that doesn't happen with this tumbler because its double wall insulation construction suppresses temperature differences on the outer wall which prevents condensation.

3. The outer wall doesn't get hot
The tumbler's double wall insulation construction prevents heat on the inside from dissipating, resulting in a comfortable grip because the tumbler's outer wall doesn't get hot.

Recommended for:
1. Cold tea and liquor Put a lot of ice and keep your chilled liquor ice cold! Also perfect for pre-chilled soda and juice which become watery with ice.

2. Hot coffee and tea Keeps piping hot drinks hot and delicious for a long time.

- Size: 90×95 mm
- Weight: 200g
- Capacity: 260ml
- Material: Stainless
- Surface: Copper
- Made in Japan
Factory: Artisan (Niigata Prefecture)

*Not allowed to use for Microwave, Oven and Dishwasher

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Beautiful metal tableware created using traditional techniques