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Iro Nabeshima Goblet - Imari


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When beer is poured in, the fine and moderate bubbles bring out the mellowness and enhance the taste of the beer. You can enjoy the atmosphere while sipping sake, shochu and wine with a sense of luxury.
A particularly colourful design among the traditional Ironabeshima, color porcelain, is the Takarazukushi, or collection of treasures, with 13 designs for good luck depicted in the work. In addition to a design that is based on a Chinese concept, there are also uniquely Japanese designs such as Kakuremino, which means Invisible Cloak, and Kakuregasa, or hat for hiding. The patterns in these works are a new interpretation of the Takarazukushi that has been created through modern graphic design, and the image is painted by hand by seasoned craftsmen.
It comes in a stylish wooden box, making it the perfect gift.

- Diameter: 7cm, Height: 12.5cm
- Capacity: 150ml
- Material: Porcelain
- Made in Japan

It was once produced only for feudal lords

In 1675, 31 of the best potters from the Arita and Imari areas of Hizen Province were gathered to produce gifts for the shogun. (Today, these areas are located in Saga Pref.) The potters established a clan pottery, marking the beginning of Nabeshima porcelain. The finely crafted works of the pottery were exclusively for shoguns and feudal lords. 

Ordinary people would never have the opportunity to use such items. For feudal lords, Nabeshima porcelain was a daily necessity.

The outstanding craftsmanship of Nabeshima Pottery

Shaped by the hands of masters of the potter's wheel, these ceramics preserve the traditions of the past.