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Natural Wood Plate


Smooth to the touch with the warmth of natural wood
Made from walnut with a soothing dark brown hue, each plate features a unique grain that's pleasant to look at. Because it's made from natural wood, the plate subtly changes in appearance the more it is used, its nuances shifting over time. Smooth and polished, it's a plate you'll want to touch every time you see it in your cupboard.

Adaptable and versatile, it will enhance any kind of food, from Japanese cuisine to Western-style dishes. The plate on which food is served also functions as a frame that highlights its beauty. Seeing food look delicious just by placing it on the plate gives asense of satisfaction. A plate that makes food stand out, even when placed casually, is a time-saver.
With such a beautiful plate, everyday meals and afternoon snacks will look a touch more elegant and enticing.

As a stylish decorative piece
Aside from food, these versatile plates can also house small accessories, or they can even be used as coasters. Use them in various ways – the possibilities are endless.

Urethane coating
Because the surface is coated with resin, this plate is more resistant to scratches and water stains compared to plates coated with oil. For this reason, many customers choose urethane-coated plates for use in homes with small children, stores, and other places where dishes tend to get dirty or are handled roughly.

- Size:150 x 150 x 20 mm
- Material:Wood
- Made in Japan
Factory: Sasaki (Hokkaido)

The Warmth of Wood, Created by Woodworkers

Seasoned skills, handed down for generations.
The uncompromising discipline of craftsmen revive the gentle warmth of wood, aiming to bring joy, comfort, and elation to people throughout the world through their products.

We plant trees. "Asahikawa, Hokkaido. Amid the great outdoors and blessed by the forest, man and trees coexist."

The Warmth of Wood, Created by Woodworkers