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Sake Bottle & Cups Set


A modern sake bottle and sake cups set exuding stylish simplicity.
This set's elegant curves emanate a straightforward beauty that's sure to draw you in. Each piece is carefully crafted by an artisan, resulting in a sophisticated form and luster. Made of beautiful white porcelain tinged with a blue hue, this sake bottle and sake cups set bring Japanese beauty to the table, enhancing the ritualistic movements of those who enjoy a tranquil sake.
Ceramic sake bottles and cups are a beloved staple among sake drinkers. Ceramic vessels mellow the taste of rich-tasting sake, and when imbibed from a ceramic cup, sake's distinctive aroma and taste feel all the more enjoyable. Ceramics made from clay is the most suitable match for sake made from rice and water.
How about enjoying hot or cold sake tonight in an authentic sake bottle and cup?

The beauty of these sake utensils embody the kind of effortless design that's universally loved, and would make a perfect gift for someone special.

Sake Bottle
- Size:8 x 9 x 11 cm
- Capacity:250 ml
- Size:⌀6 x 5 cm
- Capacity:60 ml

-Made in Japan

Merging Traditional Techniques with Modern Design

An unfaltering design policy
and a merger of solid expertise and designs to suit the times.
Practical yet artistic, these products enjoy a great reputation, both at home and abroad.
The uncompromising challenge to create something new continues.
From Seto to the world, these craftsmen will continue to create unique items of quality.

Merging Traditional Techniques with Modern Design

Seto, Owari, where pottery began in times begone during the Heian Era

Seto has produced a long history spanning 1,300 years, and its enterprising character still thrives today. Rich deposits of quality clay from nearby hills. The best burning firewood that fuel the kilns. Superb natural conditions have nurtured the spirit to pursue new techniques.