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Samue Set with Padding - Kimono Style


Embodies the Japanese aesthetics of zen and wabi-sabi
Wear it once, wear it always. Warm, cotton-filled samue. The jacket's quilted lining is filled with cotton padding for superb heat-retention. The pants are also padded for warmth and comfort during cold winter days and nights. This highly functional set also features elasticized cuffs and an elasticized waist, as well as two side pockets.

- With slits on the sides
- One pocket on the left

- Elasticized cuffs
- Elasticized waist
- Includes a front fastener
- Two side pockets

- Material: Cotton, Padding: Polyester
- Color: Japan Blue
- Gender: Unisex
- Made in Japan
Factory: Mitsunobu (Fukuoka Prefecture)

As standard height
- Medium Size: 166-175cm (5'5"-5'9")
- Large Size: 175-186cm (5'9"-6'1")
- Extra Large Size: 186-195cm (6'1"-6'4")

Details (inch)
- Medium
Jacket (body length: 29.9, sleeve length: 28.7), Pants (Waist: 28.3-38.5, Length: 38.9)
- Large
Jacket (body length: 32.2, sleeve length: 30.3), Pants (Waist: 31.4-40.1, Length: 40.9)
- Extra Large
Jacket (body length: 33, sleeve length: 31.4), Pants (Waist: 33.8-42.5, Length: 41.7)

Details (cm)
- Medium
Jacket (body length: 76, sleeve length: 73), Pants (Waist: 72-98, Length: 99)
- Large
Jacket (body length: 82, sleeve length: 77), Pants (Waist: 80-102, Length: 104)
-  Extra Large
Jacket (body length :84, sleeve length: 80), Pants (Waist: 86-108, Length: 106)

Customer Reviews

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Well made. Great set for cold weather

Mainly found in Fukuoka Prefecture, kurume ori traces its roots to the Edo Period, and is still beloved today. 
A traditional woven fabric, it features a variety of patterns made by utilizing various techniques to weave evenly dyed yarn.

The technical difficulty of Kurume Ori(weave) lies in its fine weaving technique using multiple pieces of yarn. Its unique look and feel is the result of meticulously adjusting the way the warp and weft threads are woven. Fabric woven from nep yarn which deliberately shows the unevenness of the yarn is one such technique. With a tasteful finish, this time-honored technique of intentionally showing the fabric's unevenness expresses simplicity and traditional Japanese beauty. The colors of the warp and weft threads are also combined to create shades of light and dark, resulting in a sense of depth throughout the fabric.
It is precisely through the expertise of skilled craftsmen that this traditional Japanese aesthetic can be expressed.

Japanese clothing that changes with the times