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Teapot & Cups Set


A modern teapot and teacup set exuding stylish simplicity.
This set's elegant curves emanate a straightforward beauty that's sure to draw you in. Each piece is carefully crafted by an artisan, resulting in a sophisticated form and luster. Made of beautiful white porcelain tinged with a blue hue, this teapot and teacup bring Japanese beauty to the table, enhancing the ritualistic movements of those who enjoy a tranquil cup of tea.
The beauty of these tea utensils embody the kind of effortless design that's universally loved, and would make a perfect gift for someone special.

- Size:16.5 x 15 x 9.5 cm
- Capacity:360ml
- Size:⌀7.2 x 6cm
- Capacity:90ml

- Made in Japan

Merging Traditional Techniques with Modern Design

An unfaltering design policy
and a merger of solid expertise and designs to suit the times.
Practical yet artistic, these products enjoy a great reputation, both at home and abroad.
The uncompromising challenge to create something new continues.
From Seto to the world, these craftsmen will continue to create unique items of quality.