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Tote Bag in Japanese Sashiko Embroidery


Experience the real Japanese style!
Sashiko is Japanese traditional hand embroidery.
And Sashiko is made with multi-layered cotton fabric and quilted vertically, horizontally, and diagonally which results in geometrical pattern or small fine pattern. This process additionally allows for reinforcement and heat-retention. In cold regions such as Tohoku district, it’s been used for regular clothes as well as fie costumes during the Edo period. These days, it’s been used as martial art clothes and “Jikatabi” (rubber soled socks). We dyed Sashiko in indigo and applied it to the Tote Bag. This traditional styled denim bag will surely bring something new to your collection.

- Material: Cotton
- Color indigo
- Inside pocket
- Size (Width:54cm, Height:30cm, Depth:14cm, Handle:50cm)
- Made in Japan

Proud of the skills and craftsmanship, a tradition and culture of Japan continues to thrive

With a discerning and uncompromising eye for products, expert skills and passion go into every part of the craftsman's work.

Less is more

We commit ourselves to be environmentally
friendly by reducing the amount of water &
chemicals used. Aspiring "DENIM" we make to be coexistent with nature.