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Visitor Infinite Tea and Sake Cup


Experience the real Japanese style!
A glass that demonstrates a modern arrangement for serving the centuries-old Japanese drink, green tea and sake, that heightens sensitivity to its delicate flavour. This is a heat-resistant glass that lets you experience the cool, sophisticated appeals of Japanese sake and green tea.
It comes in a stylish box, making it the perfect gift.

- Size:86 mm×63 mm
- Capacity:170 ml
- Material: Glass, Titanium
- Made in Japan

Space technology & Craftsmanship

Our jewelry glassware is manufactured with the highest quality titanium and exceptional craftsmanship. Each item is individually created with great care in our humble atelier, applying the same processing method for titanium as that used in space development technology. Using our high level techniques, we also create objects which are ordered from all over the world and are well-received from alcohol lovers across the globe.

Reliable features of high purity titanium

Titanium is highly corrosion-resistant, equivalent to platinum and gold. Titanium has high affinity to the human body and is considered “the most user friendly metal of all metals.” Titanium is also said to be unsusceptible to smell and dirt and helps mellow the taste by breaking down unfavorable tastes.

The features of light created by space technology

The colors of titanium are expressed by the same reflection of light and optical refraction as that of a rainbow and an aurora, and is the realization of the magnificent artwork of great nature. We successfully reproduce these colors with the fine skills of a craftsmanship and the proud state-of-the-art technology of Japan.


The sparkle of the titanium mirror provides multiple expressions in a single glass, changing the various colors, such as the ruby of red wine or the amber of whiskey.