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Shape-shifting Origami Bendable Tin Plate

Posted by HiroseAkira on
Shape-shifting Origami Bendable Tin Plate

Historic Districts Takaoka, Toyama prefecture has a concentration of artisans, craftsmen, workshops and factories with advanced casting skills and technologies.

Takaoka buddha

Forging skills passed down from blacksmith to blacksmith in a workshop with more than 100 years of history.

The spirit of craftsmanship in the rhythmical hammering of metal
Preserving Japanese traditions and culture, as well as trying new techniques every single day, from which new products are made. By hammering a rolled tin sheet over and over again, the plate becomes strong enough to withstand repeated bending. Tin is made thin like a sheet of origami paper, which allows it to be freely bent and shaped.
A craftsman's passion in making things without compromise. Using our hammering skills, we will continue to make products imbued with the warmth of our hands and the spirit of our craftsmanship.


Bendable tin plates that are delightfully surprising!
You have to try handling these plates at least once. They are made of metal, and yet these fascinating tin plates easily bend with the least amount of force. A mere 0.7 millimeters in thickness, these shape-shifting plates can be bent and used over and over without breaking. Popular with people of all ages, these superb pieces delightfully surprise. Fold them or bend them like paper, or smooth them out to their original form. Turn them into any shape you want, any number of times.

A design based on falling snow
Picture falling snow on a cloudless day. The design features hammer marks that resemble piles of snow on such a clear day. Because the pattern is made when a craftsman hammers the tin, hammering not only makes the tin stronger from bending and stretching – it also results in a beautiful design. Radiating a faint light, these plates enhance main courses, sides, and desserts of various cuisines. Thin as sheets of paper, they emanate a subtle presence.

Why do they bend so easily?
This unparallelled product is the result of traditional techniques so sophisticated that only less than ten craftsmen in Japan can make these plates. Tin is flattened and rolled many times, after which a craftsman hammers the tin to minimize deterioration due to bending and stretching. The tin sheet rhythmically hammered by a skilled craftsman contains multiple layers of metal one on top of the other like fibers, which reduce the degree of metal fatigue brought about by bending and stretching.


As a stylish decorative piece
Aside from food, these versatile plates can also house small accessories, or they can even be used as coasters. Use them in various ways – the possibilities are endless.


With a softness that's hard to believe it's metal, bending it freely like origami is a delight. The joy of making various shapes on your own.
Perfect as a gift for tea lovers who can't wait for teatime. How about giving this teapot to those near and dear to you to brighten up their day?

Origami Bendable Tin Plate available at MASTER CRAFTSMANSHIP Made in Japan

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