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Beautiful metal tableware created using traditional techniques

Posted by HiroseAkira on
Beautiful metal tableware created using traditional techniques

Takaoka A Town of Japan Heritage
Takaoka City, in Toyama Prefecture, has known for over 400 years as a major center for production of castings, including copperware.

Takaoka city

Unique metal processing and coloring technology backed up by tradition and history.
The highest quality only found in the handiwork of skilled craftsmen.
Making the impossible possible by continuing to take on challenges.
Proprietary coloring technology created by utilizing materials and the pursuit of new colors.
Coloring copper, which produces a beautiful color, is not merely painting on color. It is a traditional technique that vividly colors copper while masterfully controlling chemicals and fire.


By developing a coloring technique that could only be done with casting and establishing an extremely difficult coloring method for thin copper plates of 1mm or less, it is possible for us to make highly innovative products and crafts. 


A rounded, pleasant shape with a vivid, vibrant color
Characterized by its distinctive coloring and textured surface, this teapot's unique look has a stylish yet cozy feel. Its sophisticated design that seamlessly blends into Japanese aesthetics and modern lifestyles enhances both Japanese and Western-style interiors, and various occasions from everyday use to special celebrations. Ideal for those with discerning tastes seeking the highest quality, this teapot is perfect when hosting friends, relaxing with family, or even savoring me-time.

Japanese teapot


Cultivated by tradition, a craftsman's skill that highlights the inherent beauty of metal.
With traditional techniques as our foundation, we constantly seek out new ideas; and we will continue to take on challenges that are not bound by stereotypes and conventional frameworks.

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