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Wearing Japanese Style - Happi

Posted by Akira.Hirose on
Wearing Japanese Style - Happi

The traditional Japanese Happi coat. 
Happi came to be during the Edo era when samurai warriors began dyeing their family crests on their coats. They were worn only by high-ranking families, not the general public. Happi have gradually changed over time. The shape, length, and design have become stylish, and happi are now seen in various situations.

Japanese traditional house

Japanese traditional house

 Carefully selected quality cotton fabric, sewn with sophistication, dyed with expert skills. Continuing tradition and uncompromising craftsmanship with pride, creating a great product that only centuries-old dyers can make.

happiproduction happiproduction


 Happi production

 Happi production

 For many years, tie dyes have been behind the chic fashion of the people, with smooth textures in the fabric and colors with depth. Fading enhances the color dye after years of use to become a one-of-a-kind item that is inseparable from the lives of their users.


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