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Nara, an ancient city with a 1300-year history

Posted by Akira.Hirose on
Nara, an ancient city with a 1300-year history

These linen products are made through the expertise of skilled craftsmen while preserving Japanese traditions and culture.

Nara, Japan

Nara, an ancient city with a 1300-year history.
Surrounded by world heritage sites where one can experience the beginnings of Japan, Nara is a traditional city where architecture and Buddhist statues deemed as national treasures and important cultural properties remain to this day. Replete with charming attractions that soothe the mind and body, Nara offers abundant nature as well as townscapes where tradition and modernity co-exist in harmony.

Nara Japan

Todaiji, Nara

Nara Japan

 Products created without compromise, through the skills of expert craftsmen. Each thread retains its unique character, resulting in expressive textures. Sustainable production with an emphasis on natural materials. The gentleness of natural materials exudes a graceful, elegant feel. 

Nara Japan

 Making the most out of Japanese traditions and culture in the present. In this modern world where people wear the same things and have the same lifestyles, there is a vanishing diversity rooted in the climate and culture of a place. Even so, we will continue to beautifully imbue our linen with nature's serenity, and continue to create products with a warmth you can feel, here in this place called Nara surrounded by history and nature.


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