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Sustainable manufacturing that makes effective use of Japan's timber resources

Posted by HiroseAkira on
Sustainable manufacturing that makes effective use of Japan's timber resources

Wakasa Obama: Japan's largest producer of lacquered chopsticks.
Contributing to a new kind of regional development that will still be sustainable even after 100 years.

Obama city

Prosperous co-existence with nature and local consumptionIn Japan, there are a lot of good-quality wood that has been left unused. By using good-quality Japanese cedar, we will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and improve the condition of undeveloped woodlands near populated areas, which are both connected to a viable future for the planet.

Obama city, Japan

Our mission is to be the world's leading source of chopsticks by making effective use of nearby resources as we uphold the principle of sustainable manufacturing.


 Japanese traditions, culture, and skilled craftsmanship that have been cultivated and handed down over many years. We will hand over these valuable skills to the next generation so that they will never be lost. From a perspective that is based on the merits and wisdom of Japanese culture cultivated over the course of history, our goal is to make beautiful, useful and environmentally-friendly lacquered chopsticks that can be flexibly incorporated into ever-changing lifestyles.

Each chopsticks features a unique grain that's pleasant to look at. Because it's made from natural wood, the chopsticks subtly changes in appearance the more it is used, its nuances shifting over time.



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