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The Warmth of Wood, Created by Woodworkers

Posted by HiroseAkira on
The Warmth of Wood, Created by Woodworkers

"Asahikawa, Hokkaido.
Amid the great outdoors and blessed by the forest, man and trees coexist."

asahikawa hokkaido

asahikawa hokkaido

Living with trees for generations, here in Asahikawa.
We plant trees. "Asahikawa, Hokkaido. Amid the great outdoors and blessed by the forest, man and trees coexist."


"No colors are added. 
Naturally, the products are safe - and must also be beautiful. Nothing is more beautiful than the natural colors of wood. In a merger of machinery and handicraft - the rough processing of lumber by machine; detail and finesse rendered by hand. 
Machines alone can make good items. But the multilayered detail created by artisans makes a difference in the finished product."
Seasoned skills, handed down for generations. 
The uncompromising discipline of craftsmen revive the gentle warmth of wood, aiming to bring joy, comfort, and elation to people throughout the world through their products.



Made from walnut with a soothing dark brown hue, each plate features a unique grain that's pleasant to look at. Because it's made from natural wood, the plate subtly changes in appearance the more it is used, its nuances shifting over time. Smooth and polished, it's a plate you'll want to touch every time you see it in your cupboard.

 We're partial to making things that express the warmth of wood. We don't add color. We leverage the unique original colors and different grain patterns of wood. 

Natural Wood Plate available at MASTER CRAFTSMANSHIP Made in Japan

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